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Great Meals Tool Kit Loan Library

What is a Loan Library?

Step Loan LibraryA Loan Library is a centralized location where others can sign out the tool kit to host a 'Great Meals for a Change.' This could be set up at a home, office, library, health food store, or any other routinely accessible locale. An advantage to the 'Loan Library' model is that a group of people or an organization can purchase the kit collectively, sharing the cost and sharing the resource with the community. It could be sponsored by an organization with an interest in sustainable food.

Current Loan Library Locations

How to set up a Loan Library?

  1. Choose a potential location (office, organization, library, store, etc.).
  2. Take a kit to show them when you go and speak to them.
  3. Invite the owner or key decision-makers to your place for a 'Great Meal'.
  4. Explain what would be involved in being a 'loan library host' and how you or the 'volunteer coordinator' would support them (see below).

If they're interested, what's next?

  • Supply them with the kit(s) plus a sign out sheet (click here), and an envelope to collect the deposits.
  • Email to let us know where your loan library is located so we can add it to this website's list.
  • If you are keen, advertise what a 'Great Meals for a Change' is and where one can sign out a kit (use local newsletters, community centers, education groups, local radio, newspapers, etc.).

Loan Library Host

This is someone who is permanently at the location where the kits are stored. It could be the storeowner, office administrator, librarian, etc.

What's involved for the host?

  • Storing the kits at the location (ideally visible to the public eye)
  • Ensuring that the people borrowing the kits leave a deposit (decide on an appropriate amount - $10 is suggested) and fill out the sign out form.

Volunteer Coordinator

TomatoesThe Loan Library will not work unless someone puts some time into checking the kits as they are used and returned. Everything in this world goes to chaos if someone does not put a bit of energy into restoring things. Here are the coordinator responsibilities (and they could be shared or rotated):

  • Check in at least once a month with the person responsible for the kit at the Loan Library to ensure that all kits have been returned, and no materials are missing.
  • If kits are overdue, contact the person who signed the kit out.
  • If materials are lost or damaged, download and re-print them, or contact to replace permanent items, such as the puzzle.
  • Once the sign-out sheet is full, either scan it and email it to or fax it to (902) 585-1702. We want to track how many meals occur. We will not give or sell the email list to anyone and we will only contact people who indicate their willingness to be contacted (they might get a follow-up email once or twice a year).

Click Here to purchase a 'Great Meals Tool Kit'